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We believe that music and singing has the power to build confidence in people and as Educators we make it our goal to strive for the following:


  • To create an environment that is full of the ranging cultural and stylistic diversity that is embedded in music.

  • To give students a complete and fulfilling education in singing and music theory.

  • To help students identify and ultimately reach their goals in singing and performance.

  • To develop an understanding of traditional vocal techniques whilst allowing students to explore their own unique style.

  • And, to the best of our ability, offer the highest quality music instruction and performance opportunities for students of all ages.


Classes & Pricing


$35 (inc. GST) per half hour


$25 (inc. GST) per half hour

GROUPS (3 - 6 people)

$20 (inc. GST) per half hour


Private and Duo sessions.

Special Pricing applies

Lessons start for students from age 5.

Lessons are held in a professional studio, with a dual focus on enjoying singing and music education.

Solo lessons may have a focus on classical or modern singing, or can simply be designed to explore all musical genres.

Duo lessons start for students from age 5.

They are a great way to start singing with family or friends. The lessons have a distinct focus on enjoying and exploring music with a partner.

Group lessons start for students from age 4.

In these lessons, you will learn the art of singing and harmonizing in a small group, or simply enjoy singing with your friends in a supportive and fun environment.

'The Musical Garden' group lessons for 4-6 year olds now available at Geelong Singing. A great introduction to private music lessons. Explore singing, percussion instruments, music theory, Auslan sign and movement to music.

Geelong Singing offers an in school service. We are able to teach students in a space you provide and bring all our own gear and materials.

Lessons are held as solo and duo sessions for 30 minutes on a rotating timetable.

To have us at your school or book in to lessons currently running get in touch!

Lesson prices are available upon request.

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